woocommerce.wp-a2z.org is being rebuilt

Since version 3.6, WooCommerce has been delivering WordPress blocks that were originally developed in WooCommerce Blocks. It’s no longer possible to use a straight clone of the git repository to provide the full functionality of WooCommerce.

In order to be abe to parse the source and create the block catalogue I’m going to have to create a point in time version of WooCommerce under WP-a2z. Then I’ll have to reparse the whole shooting match.

This might take a bit of time.

The point in time version will start from v3.7.0.

The block catalogue at blocks.wp-a2z.org will contain clones of the blocks in woocommerce.wp-a2z.org for WooCommerce. It may also contain versions of the blocks delivered by the WooCommerce blocks plugin.