The WooCommerce reference is now delivered using an experimental Full Site Editing child theme called Wizzie.

  • Use this reference to see WooCommerce blocks being used in a Full Site Editing theme.
  • Experience the online shopping experience: Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account
  • Find out about blocks in the WooCommerce and WooCommerce blocks plugins.
  • Find out about template and template parts in some FSE themes.
  • Find out about shortcodes in the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Plus visit the API reference to see how WooCommerce actually works.
  • For an overview of Full Site Editing visit sneak-peek.me

Brief history

Originally this site’s primary purpose was as the API reference for WooCommerce source code and shortcodes. In 2018-2020 I added documentation for WooCommerce blocks. This year, 2021, I’ve attempted to create an experimental Full Site Editing child theme, called Wizzie, to demonstrate WooCommerce being used alongside Gutenberg in a block based implementation.

  • The child theme Wizzie provides the templates and template parts for the WooCommerce content.
  • The parent theme Fizzie provides the templates and template parts for the blocks, plugins, themes, shortcodes, APIs etcetera.
  • Visit the Sitemap for an overview of the contents of this site.
  • The API Reference is still supported.