Reviews by Category – woocommerce/reviews-by-category

Show product reviews from specific categories.

Use the Reviews by Category block to show product reviews from specific categories.




  • Added in WooCommerce 3.8.0, previously available from WooCommerce Products block.
  • Requires you to have product reviews.
  • To enable product reviews, select the Enable reviews checkbox for each producf, either in Quick edit or on the Product data > Advanced tab.
  • Once you have selected one or more product categories then the reviews are displayed.
  • Content settings include toggles for: Product name, product rating, reviewer name, image, review date, review content.
  • The Review image displayed can either be the Reviewer’s gravatar or the product photo.
  • The product photo may be displayed with the wrong aspect ratio.
  • The List of reviews can be displayed in a variety of orders.
  • You can set how many to display ( 1 to 20 ) and whether or not to load more ( 1 to 20 ).
  • See also Reviews by Product – woocommerce/reviews-by-product.