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WooCommerce Blocks v7.3.0 delivers 28 blocks.

The block list for WooCommerce Blocks only shows 3 blocks;

The others are catalogued under WooCommerce.


WooCommerce Blocks are the easiest, most flexible way to display your products on posts and pages!

Active Product Filters – woocommerce/active-filters
Show the currently active product filters. Works in combination with the All Products and filters blocks.
Add to Cart Button – woocommerce/product-button
Display a call to action button which either adds the product to the cart, or links to the product page.
All Products – woocommerce/all-products
Display products from your store in a grid layout.
All Reviews – woocommerce/all-reviews
Show a list of all product reviews.
Best Selling Products – woocommerce/product-best-sellers
Display a grid of your all-time best selling products.
Cart – woocommerce/cart
Shopping cart.
Checkout – woocommerce/checkout
Display a checkout form so your customers can submit orders.
Featured Category – woocommerce/featured-category
Visually highlight a product category and encourage prompt action.
Featured Product – woocommerce/featured-product
Visually highlight a product or variation and encourage prompt action.
Filter Products by Attribute – woocommerce/attribute-filter
Allow customers to filter the grid by product attribute, such as color. Works in combination with the All Products block.
Filter Products by Price – woocommerce/price-filter
Allow customers to filter the products by choosing a lower or upper price limit. Works in combination with the All Products block.
Hand-picked Products – woocommerce/handpicked-products
Display a selection of hand-picked products in a grid.
Newest Products – woocommerce/product-new
Display a grid of your newest products.
On Sale Products – woocommerce/product-on-sale
Display a grid of products currently on sale.
On-Sale Badge – woocommerce/product-sale-badge
Displays an on-sale badge if the product is on-sale.
Product Categories List – woocommerce/product-categories
Show all product categories as a list or dropdown.
Product Image – woocommerce/product-image
Display the main product image
Product Price – woocommerce/product-price
Display the price of a product.
Product Rating – woocommerce/product-rating
Display the average rating of a product.
Product Search – woocommerce/product-search
A search box to allow customers to search for products by keyword.
Product Summary – woocommerce/product-summary
Display a short description about a product.
Product Title – woocommerce/product-title
Display the title of a product.
Products by Attribute – woocommerce/products-by-attribute
Display a grid of products with selected attributes.
Products by Category – woocommerce/product-category
Display a grid of products from your selected categories.
Products by Tag – woocommerce/product-tag
Display a grid of products with selected tags.
Reviews by Category – woocommerce/reviews-by-category
Show product reviews from specific categories.
Reviews by Product – woocommerce/reviews-by-product
Show reviews of your products to build trust.
Top Rated Products – woocommerce/product-top-rated
Display a grid of your top rated products.
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woo-gutenberg-products-block No info available  


Last updated:

15th June 2021