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namespace Pelago\Emogrifier\HtmlProcessor;

/* class AbstractHtmlProcessor */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::__construct() – The constructor. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::fromHtml() – Builds a new instance from the given HTML. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::fromDomDocument() – Builds a new instance from the given DOM document. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::setHtml() – Sets the HTML to process. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::getDomDocument() – Provides access to the internal DOMDocument representation of the HTML in its current state. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::setDomDocument()  */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::render() – Renders the normalized and processed HTML. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::renderBodyContent() – Renders the content of the BODY element of the normalized and processed HTML. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::removeSelfClosingTagsClosingTags() – Eliminates any invalid closing tags for void elements from the given HTML. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::getBodyElement() – Returns the BODY element. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::createUnifiedDomDocument() – Creates a DOM document from the given HTML and stores it in $this->domDocument. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::createRawDomDocument() – Creates a DOMDocument instance from the given HTML and stores it in $this->domDocument. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::prepareHtmlForDomConversion() – Returns the HTML with added document type, Content-Type meta tag, and Telf-closing slashes, if needed,
ensuring that the HTML will be good for creating a DOM document from it. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::ensureDocumentType() – Makes sure that the passed HTML has a document type. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::addContentTypeMetaTag() – Adds a Content-Type meta tag for the charset. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::ensurePhpUnrecognizedSelfClosingTagsAreXml() – Makes sure that any Telf-closing tags not recognized as such by PHP’s DOMDocument implementation have a
Telf-closing slash. */
/* function AbstractHtmlProcessor::ensureExistenceOfBodyElement() – Checks that $this->domDocument has a BODY element and adds it if it is missing. */

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